About me

 Raised by Egyptian parents, I grew up in the Middle East on the island of Bahrain. I’ve always had a strong desire to pursue art, and in 2009 I attained a BA in Fine Arts from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, majoring in Painting and Drawing.

 I find inspiration from the innovative styles of contemporary and urban art, such as graphic and graffiti illustrations. I strongly believe that art is a global form of communication.  It educates visually by either moving you, pleasing you, or even inspiring you. It has so much effect on one’s emotion, more that a person can affect another by words or action.

I am currently residing in Dubai, exploring the art scene and taking on new opportunities that come my way. I am certain that art will always be a lifetime passion of mine. Because for me, being an artist is the only way I can express myself creatively.